Question: I recently noticed blisters on my boyfriend’s lips. On further enquiry, he told me that he had been diagnosed with herpes. Since my boyfriend and I usually get intimate a lot, I want to know if herpes can be transmitted through kissing.

Answer: Thank you so much for your question. As a matter of fact, herpes can be transmitted through kissing. This type of herpes is commonly referred to as “cold sores” or “fever blisters”. For more information, keep reading to the very end.

Unknown to a majority of people is that the word herpes denotes two types of viral ailments. These are oral herpes (herpes simplex type 1) and genital herpes (herpes simplex type 2).

How Can You Identify Herpes Simplex Type 1?

This type of herpes triggers blisters primarily around the mouth. Then again, the herpes virus has been found to spread to other areas. Breaks of oral herpes are also commonly referred to as “cold sores”. Other people refer to them as “fever blisters”. Oral herpes are quite frequent. A number of medical studies have found that there are carriers who do not suffer from outbreaks of oral herpes. The CDC estimates that there are roughly 57.7% of Americans suffering from oral herpes. Chances are that you are suffering from herpes simplex type 1 and you do not even know it.

How is simplex type 1 transmitted?

Oral herpes is transmitted from one person to the other mainly through contact. When you kiss someone with oral herpes, the infection is passed to you through saliva. As such, it is quite possible for one to get oral herpes through kissing. While quite rare, oral herpes can be transmitted through oral sex.

How Can You Identify Herpes Simplex Type 2?

Also commonly referred to as genital herpes, herpes simplex type 2 triggers blisters primarily around the genital region. It is quite rare to find this type of herpes in other parts of the body. According to the CDC, genital herpes is the second most form of herpes infection. It is estimated that there are roughly 16.2% of Americans suffering from genital herpes.

Genital herpes is primarily spread through sexual intercourse as well as oral sex. People with multiple sex partners are prone to genital herpes. Several studies have found that transmission can take place even though the infected person may not have blisters. The virus can also be transmitted to the mouth during oral sex.

A person who contracts either of the herpes viruses becomes a carrier for as long as they live. Then again, the severity of the viruses diminishes with time. Nonetheless, the disease may still be contagious in other people in spite of the years of being a carrier.

How is the Herpes Virus Transmitted?

The herpes virus is not only spread through kissing. The primary regions which are easily affected are humid areas, for example, vagina, eyes, mouth, valve, throat and lips.


  1. Robert

    I have just “made out” with the girl a few hours ago, after the act I found out that she has had a lot of sexual partners; above 30 as far as I know, I am wanting to know if there is anyway I could get/contract a STI, or any thing from the kiss?.
    Should I go to the doctors? And ask for blood tests ?

  2. Kenneth Article Author

    Hi Robert,
    To answer your question, yes, it is possible.
    But how likely it is, that I cannot answer as there are a lot of unknown factors.
    But overall, taking some tests is never a bad idea, as this is the only way to be sure.
    Hope I didn’t scare you, but you should always ask a doctor for issues regarding your health, reading about the on the Internet is not enough.

  3. Sryock

    I was just informed of herpes simplex 2. SHOCKED soon to be ex-husband of the last 9 years gave this to me. My question is I have a 8 month old granddaughter, I have not had an outbreak, never anything on or in my mouth but my question is “I am not able to kiss on my granddaughter?” I want to kill the SOB of course he denies anything he goes to the doctor all the time for the last 11 mons. separation!
    I requested tests HIV, all STD to be done as soon as I was aware of his messing around. I was told Monday 11/25/2013 clear on all except Herpes type 2. still shell shocked!

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